Real Movement

“Our mission is to build up each individual, each church and the whole Christian community by offering various in-depth discipleship training benefiting the productivity, connection and advancement of the Body of Christ.”

We provide strategic and proficient training for every believer’s success. Workshops, classes, and conferences are available to you that are unlike our everyday training. These are to add to the discipleship you receive from your local church to better equip you for your specific God-given purpose.


About Our Team:

Anna Martinez-Rasmussen

Co-Founder/President, Anna Martinez-Rasmussen encourages the Christian to fulfill their destiny through her teaching of producing Christ-like character and wisdom that enables the believer to walk in Christ’s full authority. She has over twenty-five years of ministry experience, and loves to be a servant-leader to the Body of Christ. She is an ordained minister of Christian International Network (CIAN), with a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling, and sought out event speaker who prophetically teaches and preaches in a way that awakens the potential within.

Eric & Brianna Forsythe

Co-Founders/Vice President, Eric and Brianna are passionate about seeing the body of Christ restored to the first church principles: living rightly by the whole Word of God and seeing signs and wonders follow those who believe (Mark 16:17-18). They believe this is birthed out of a real intimacy with the Father, which will in turn ignite revival and transform every other area of society.  They both come from different denominations, entered ministry at the age of 15, and are now ordained ministers with Christian International Network (CIAN).